Most people use their garages as their storage units, storing tools, toys, and other items into corners until the room is brimming at the seams.  This leaves little room, if any, for cars to park in the garage, or sometimes for people to even effectively walk through.  Having a cluttered and full garage causes stress, negative energy, and frustration, not to mention, a lack of space for parking cars or adding more important storage.

At Good Garage, we install overhead garage storage racks that make use of a completely unused space: the ceiling! We install only the safest and strongest overhead storage racks in the desert. These garage shelving systems are designed and customized to meet the demands of your garage and create space for your cars.  Our 4×8 racks hold up to 1000 pounds and 20 storage bins!  Take back control of your garage and let the cars back in by taking advantage of your space more effectively.

Our racks are customizable and can be adjusted to fit YOUR budget, space, and needs.  So no matter if your garage is big or small, we can use our storage racks to make the best use of your space.  


Your Coachella Area Good Garage offers one-day installation from our professional installers who have installed over 1,000 racks since 2014.  We bring what we need, and we get everything done in one visit, so you can begin enjoying your new garage right away.  At Good Garage, we believe in our work so much that we offer a 30 day refund and uninstall guarantee.  We also provide a lifetime warranty, because our storage rack installation is THAT good. Our racks are all customizable, so they can fit into every space, big or small.


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