Why Good Garage?

Why Good Garage? 2018-05-19T04:12:33+00:00

Upfront pricing. Zero hassles. No Pressure.

Interested in adding overhead storage racks to your garage? Good Garage makes the process easy to get the best racks and configuration for your garage at a price you can trust.


No! We need to be able to get a ladder underneath where your racks will be installed.  If the rack is going against a wall you can leave 1 row of items stacked against the wall.  If you’ll have trouble making enough space for us to install let us know and we can provide you with help at a reasonable rate!

If you’ve got a ceiling we can put a rack on it! Our trained installers can install an overhead storage rack just about anywhere and, because of the advanced products we use, our racks can be installed where other racks simply can’t go!

Yes! Your garage ceiling is engineered to carry a significant load and unlike other overhead storage shelves ours can attach to your walls wherever possible, transferring most of the load directly to your foundation!