Boosting Garage Space: Organizational Tips

Getting your garage in order is difficult, especially if you have no time for cleaning, decluttering and organizing. However, making an effort to make more room in your garage can provide you with countless benefits, from increased hygiene levels to a more efficient use of space.

Yet, a great number of homeowners quickly give up on organizing their garage areas and continue using them as a general storage room. What they fail to realize is that even a few simple changes, such as choosing top garage storage in Temecula, can make a world of difference when it comes to improving your garage

Before you know it, you’ll be making plans to convert your garage into a music studio or setting up a small workshop instead of just watching clutter build up. So, take some time for a garage transformation and you’ll see that it really pays off. Read on for our tips and ideas for decluttering your garage.

How can I make more space in my garage?

There always seems to be a lack of space in residential garages, especially in homes with big families. No matter how hard you try, boxes keep piling up, leaving no free space.

So, is there a way to change this? Of course there is! The key lies in being persistent in organizing your garage. There are more than a few practical steps you can follow to declutter your garage space and make this area more open.  Here’s what you should do: 

  • Get rid of clutter: Clutter is one of the biggest problems for homeowners. If you let clutter take over, your garage will seem smaller than it actually is. So, it’s essential that you remove any items you don’t need or those in poor condition that cannot be repaired. 
  • Clean meticulously: After decluttering your garage, you should clean it properly. Make sure to tackle every corner and remove dust and dirt even from those areas that cannot be easily reached. Cleaning your garage will open up the space and make this area feel airier.  
  • Create zones: A simple way to prevent clutter from building up again is to create dedicated zones within your garage. For instance, if you need a place to store your sports equipment, keep it separate from the one for your landscaping tools. 
  • Add mirrors: Although using mirrors in your garage isn’t that common, it can really help you make your space seem bigger. Implementing mirrors is one of the best tricks for creating an illusion of spaciousness in small and crowded rooms.
  • Use space-saving storage: Finally, installing appropriate storage solutions is essential if you want to make more room in your garage. With the right storage units, you can free up a lot of floor space while taking full advantage of the walls and ceilings, especially if you go with overhead racks. 

How do you organize a small garage?

It’s difficult to start organizing a small, cluttered garage. You don’t know where to start, how to tackle the mess, and what the most efficient, time-saving approach is. Luckily, there are a few ways to make this easier: 

  • Take it slow: If your garage is really messy, you should take enough time to organize it without rushing through this process. 
  • Plan in detail: Don’t just start tidying up without having any plan. Instead, consider everything from what you will tackle first to what kind of storage you will use. 
  • Maximize storage: Storage is your best friend, especially when it comes to small spaces, so make sure to use plenty of it, installing it on both walls and ceiling. 
  • Put functionality first: Functionality is key for organizing your garage and using the space more efficiently. Whenever you decide to add a certain element to your garage, think about whether it will make your space more functional.
  • Again, create zones: This is one of the easiest ways to keep your garage organized since it will keep everything in its place. 
  • Get help: You shouldn’t do this task on your own, so ask your family members or friends to help you out. 

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