The HALO Racks Difference

At Good Garage, we only use HALO Racks, the strongest and most reliable overhead ceiling racks for garage storage in San Diego, Southern Riverside County, and surrounding areas and the entire industry. HALO overhead storage systems are made from 14 gauge steel, have three center frame supports and triple-wire, anti-shake decks that are bolted to the frame, giving them first-rate strength and stability.

While other storage racks can only hang from the ceiling by four legs, our storage options have the ability to attach directly to the wall which fully eliminates swinging. Each garage overhead storage rack system is designed to custom-attach each rack directly to the wall for four out of five installation locations, giving it reliability and stability we stand by. HALO Racks have a clean look, are easily connectable, and most importantly, you can rest assured that they will stay put!

Maximize usable space with our HALO garage overhead storage in San Diego and across the region

If you’re ready to bring a sense of order into your garage, our HALO storage racks are just what you need. These ceiling racks for garage storage bring an extraordinary level of durability and sturdiness thanks to their anti-shake design. This allows us to attach them to your garage ceiling with no safety risks involved whatsoever. By going with our super-duty HALO ceiling racks for garage storage, you’re choosing a practical, all-in-one unit that will enable you to store your belongings truly out of your way. Let’s boost the functionality of your garage space!

HALO garage rack installation in San Diego and beyond: efficiency at its finest

With us, not only do you get HALO racks of the highest quality, but you can also choose a layout that suits your needs. We aim at providing efficient, practical and space-saving storage units that can make your garage more organized. Our experienced installers will offer adaptive options when it comes to placement and layout. Such versatile solutions, in combination with superior HALO rack quality, are guaranteed to provide optimal organization and storage results. Contact us and see for yourself!

Endless Possibilities


Our racks can be installed above your garage doors where cabinets and standing racks simply can’t go.


We can install up to 4 rows of racks for more versatility and ease of access, utilizing maximum space.


Our racks can be connected to form mega platforms or attached in a corner to create a continuous unit.


All Prices Include Tax & Installation

4x8 Super duty

$299Best Value

  • 1000 lb Capacity
  • Installation Included
  • Lifetime Warranty

4x8 Standard duty


  • 600 lb Capacity
  • Installation Included
  • Lifetime Warranty













Ceiling racks for garage that fit your space, needs & budget

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