California Garage Storage Racks & Rates

Your garage is an untapped reserve of storage space, and Good Garage can help you make the most of it. We’re the best place to turn to in California for garage storage solutions that could eliminate clutter and keep your household organized. We offer a wide range of overhead garage storage racks and other solutions that are sure to fit your property and your budget. Keep your kids’ sports equipment under control. Find a place for all your holiday decorations. Stash infrequently used items out of the way and organize your life in other ways you may not have known were possible. No matter how much stuff you have or what size it is, we can provide garage rack installation services that will be customized to your exact needs.

Storage Structured for Your Needs

Whether you have just a few totes full of items you don’t need right now or a lot of them, we have the answer to your needs. We have a variety of standard- and super-duty racks that can hold virtually anything you may have. We only stock HALO racks, which feature 14-gauge steel construction and anti-shake decks that are bolted directly to the frames for maximum strength and stability. We attach these to your wall as well as the ceiling, which means they won’t swing or wobble after they’re installed. They’re attractive, easy to connect to each other and can be configured in many different arrangements.

Before selecting the system that you want to have installed, it’s important to take a moment to consider a few factors. You’ll want to get an accurate measurement of your available space, as well as where your ceiling joists are and how far apart they’re spaced. This will make it easier for us to plan the installation and give you the best value for the garage storage price you pay.

Providing You With Exceptional Value

The stability of the products we offer along with the expertise we bring to the table means you can expect the best overall value for your money. Our rates include the cost to install overhead garage storage, so you’ll never be caught by surprise with our estimates. If you’re ready to learn more about what makes us the best resource in California for garage storage solutions, get in touch with us today for a free quote.

Endless Possibilities


Our racks can be installed above your garage doors where cabinets and standing racks simply can’t go.


We can install up to 4 rows of racks for more versatility and ease of access, utilizing maximum space.


Our racks can be connected to form mega platforms or attached in a corner to create a continuous unit.


All Prices Include Tax & Installation

4x8 Super Duty

$339Best Value

  • Up to 1200 lb Capacity!
  • Installation Included
  • Lifetime Warranty

4x8 Standard Duty


  • 600 lb Capacity
  • Installation Included
  • Lifetime Warranty

3x8 Super Duty


1200 lb Capacity!

3x8 Standard Duty


600 lb Capacity



1000 lb Capacity!

4x6 Standard Duty


600 lb Capacity

3x6 Super Duty


1000 lb Capacity!

3x6 Standard Duty


600 lb Capacity

2x8 Super Duty


1000 lb Capacity

2x8 Standard Duty


600 Pound Capacity

2x6 Super Duty


1000 pound capacity!

2x6 Standard


600 lb Capacity





Ceiling racks for garage that fit your space, needs & budget

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